About us

THINKS-HOWS specializes in high quality vinyl, which we turn into amazing wall decals. Vinyl wall decals are an in-expensive way to add great non-permanent designs to your wall space. They are ideal for residential and commercial; virtually any wall or surface that you want to bring to life.

We offer a wide range of ideas for accenting your home and office walls.. Only the highest quality vinyl is used for our wall decals.

This makes them easy to apply, to clean, and to remove. Our shop features hundreds of different designs, and many colours to choose from. With so many choices, there is something for everyone.

Because all wall decals are not created equal, it’s very important that you know what separates our wall decals from the ‘other guys’.

  1. Quality. We use only the highest quality vinyl.  Our vinyl has been tested and tried. The vinyl is coated with a self-adhesive backing so don’t have to apply your own glue or spray-on adhesive. The adhesive is made to be non-permanent, so it sticks until you are ready to take them down.
  2. Designs. News has a very high standard for the products and designs we create. Before a design is accepted as a product, it is reviewed and scrutinized to make sure that it possesses the quality required to be labelled our product.
  3. Service. Our excellent support staff are always ready to assist you. . That’s why we have created a very detailed and thorough FAQ page. If for some reason your questions are not answered there, please email [email protected] so we can help you out.

At News it’s important to us that you are satisfied with your product and our service.