Champions League and things you should know

By | July 20, 2017

While world attention tone’s grave League levels of the team in the Champions League, summer 2017/18 season has officially started. 334 days journey will end in Kiev on August 5/2018 and here are the basics you need to know about next season.

When to start?

In the Champions League season has officially started from 27/6 minutes-only 21 days after Real Madrid won the Championship in Cardiff (Wales), with the first qualifying round in 4 round (ending in late August play-off round).

The group stage starting on 12/9, with an average of 2 or 3 weeks, 1 day, comes on 6/12.

After phase 2, interrupt, knock-out round will be back from 13/2/2018.
Qualifying organizations?

22 out of 32 teams participated in the first round this season was determined. At the end of August will determine the remainder 10 teams win in the play-off round to the round table.

Qualifying will be divided into 2 branches:

* Branches for the winners:

As the name suggests, this branch is for the TEAMS to win the National Championship, starting from the first qualifying round with 10 teams in 10 countries with the lowest point on the chart of UEFA.

5 winners advanced to the second qualifying round are the 29 champions have ranked next.

17 teams and 3 teams from countries ranked next participated in the third qualifying round.

10 winners will split the pair of play-offs.

All the matches are held under the home-away.

* Branches for ticket teams thanks to the position in the League:

This branch is for the team to come from the leading countries of the region, ending the previous season from Monday to Wednesday.

There are 2 stages for the team as this branches, with 10 teams started from the third qualifying round and 5 teams qualifying play-off will expect the team to win.

All the matches are held under the home-away.

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