Dizzy with 10 most dangerous sports

By | July 16, 2017

Wakeboarding on the volcano, jumped into the Lake has alligators or go on line … is the deadly sport.

     1. Speed skaters on the slopes of the volcano:

Slide down from the high 714m Volcano still active with the speed of 50 miles per hour just by a skateboard is protected is considered one of the most adventurous sports.

Thousands of visitors to the foot of the mountain Cerro Negro region of Nicaragua each year to participate in this new sports craze. Who slipped out of the protective clothes, protective knee pads and helmet can reach speeds of 80 km/h (50 miles/h) on the sliding pieces of wood Paste Special. Since the skaters on the slopes of nủi fire in 2005, there were over 10 000 of people fascinated by the speed and the risk of the sport.

     2. Roller skates 4 wheels:

Rollerblade wheels or roller under sliding 4 cars-is the most widespread craze in India. This is a sport that requires the flexibility, strength and balance of the slide. 6 year old boy Aniket Chindak already holds the world record with a 4-wheeled roller skates through 57 consecutive cars ROAR.

     3. “Surfing” on top of the train:

Often considered illegal sport, “surfing” on top of the trains requires the player to slide on the roof of a train is running or the subway. The practice of this sport became a serious problem in South Africa when there are so many young people were dead or injured. This “sport” was popular in the 1980s in Germany and was known as the “S-Bahn surfing”. This sport has subsequently been forgotten but until 2005, a group of people in Frankfrut, Germany found out again and play the sport of extreme danger. The leader of this group of people claiming to be “the driver of the train” and “surfing” on top of the famous ship InterCityExpress-fastest ships to Germany.

     4. Bungee down the Lake a crocodile:

You feel boring with the bungee (Owls plunge from great height, creating intense sensations) normal? Perhaps you should add spice to this adventurous sport by bungee down a water line full of crocodiles.

     5. Jump from the cliff:

Add a new dimension to the sport of diving, jumping from the cliff is defined as perfection for the acrobatic and powerful feeling. Don’t fear the rocks to curly, who play the sport desperate indeed when his tuberculosis into the water line below to experience memorable moments to the end of this life.

This adventurous sport derived from the Hawaiian Islands in 1770. King Kahekili proposed courtiers plunge off the cliff and fall to the bottom water line to prove his loyalty and bravery. Today, after many centuries, this activity has spread into a sport that marks the great courage, concentration and also dangerous as well as fear.

Jump from the cliffs is one of the sports most dangerous water jump down and the injury is unavoidable. To protect those who jump, specific criteria have been proposed to reduce the most harmful factor. One of them is the height limit jump (23-28m for male and 18-23 m for women), the ideal speed of 75-100 km/h and the free-fall time is 3 seconds

     6. Freestyle stilts:

This is a sport too encouraged by you wearing one is the combination between the stilts and polo sticks on the legs. The idea was to increase the risk to the players. Maybe this sounds somewhat boring but you will think otherwise if is take this sport.

     7. Underwater Hockey:

The little-known sport – Underwater Hockey is what a few divers like to do during the winter when outdoor water too cold to dive. The sport appeared in England in the 1950s when a few British divers explore these new methods to adapt to winter.

A match using not something other than diving tools, and of course the sticks, protective gear and gloves. This makes the breathing becomes an important factor in the game, players need to know how to regulate oxygen in their bodies. The match used ball-hockey 1 kg is playing at the bottom of the pool. The sport is quite difficult and somewhat boring although it is a good way to help the divers catch their breath for a long time. Underwater Hockey is increasingly common throughout the world and several countries established the national teams to compete in the World Championships.

     8. AirKicking:

In this strange sport, a man who was fired from a catapult at a height of 7 meters in the air in a hot pool or the foam pit. AirKick pushing players on the air in a parabolic path be computed before, using a special combination of air pressure and water recoil technology. The player sitting on a specially designed seat at the end of the Catapult arm and 3.2, 1 … Zoom! The participants will be manually activated by motion button. There are about 60 liters of water are compressed in a rocket under the seats. Number of compressed water he thrust players go as far up in the air and then strong fall 8 m down to the pool.

     9. Go on line:

This is a balanced sports take advantage of plastic cloth was strung between two anchor points. It with walking on regular wire rope not stiffness that very flexibility, stretching and bouncing like a big rubber cord. The force of the cord tension can be adjusted to suit the performers and the fabrics with different flexibility can be used to achieve many different feats. Wire itself to do fabric will help for players from the noun rather than the conventional rope. The dynamic nature of allowing the player can perform risky stunts.

Christian Schou Guinness holding altitude world go on line after passing through a narrow Bay in Kjerag, Norway with a height diameter (height by 3 times the Eiffel Tower).

     10. Zorbing balls:

Throw themselves downhill in a giant balloon (also known as Zorbing) is one of the most adventurous sports became the craze all over the world. This strange sport that was invented in 2000 including 1 giant plastic ball with two layers of the skin (this class is nested within other classes). People play this sport will lie between the two layers of the skin, most are pumped up full of gas. The middle part of the ball, where the person is located in mid air and hovering will surface about 700mm and the ball will be rolling slowly down the Hill.

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