Explore the country Rusia with the same yacht Ms Repin

By | July 16, 2017

“Narrator” in the 11-day-long journey takes you to the main country is Ms Repin-yacht name has 4 floors along the Volga River, the longest river in Europe.

To the beautiful city was dubbed the Paris of the East, tourists visit the Church of our Lady of Kazan Cathedral and the Cathedral of Isaac-one of the important tourist places of the city on the Neva River and is the largest Orthodox Cathedral in St. Petersburg. This architectural masterpiece built in 40 years and completed in the 19th century.

Guests will visit the Hermitage (Winter Palace), one of the world’s largest museum also stored and exhibited more than 3 million works of art of humanity. The dating from the time of the Empress Catherine II and where it is also referred to as the Louvre Museum of Russia.

Ms yachts Repin continue takes you to drop back to discover the small village Mandrogui is located on the left bank of the river Svir-where Peter the great used to develop the shipbuilding industry and the Russian Navy from the 18th century. Here, you can enjoy barbecue and the typical cakes; visiting the famous wine Museum with a collection of up to more than 2,000 categories.

To the island of Kizhi, visitors discover two wooden churches still retain the pristine beauty built in from năm1764. It is the Church of the Transfiguration “Church of the Transfiguration” – often used in summer and Pokrov churches, “Church of the Intercession” used in the winter. The impressive thing here is what this church do not use nails or any material connected with the metal.

Move to towns Goritsy – a land of tranquility and charm of the Russian countryside, guests visit the monastery of Saint Cyril of White Lake is located on the Lake. Large monasteries include the Bell Tower and the Church of St. Cyril. In addition, you also visit the Museum of the ancient symbol for Russia’s Museum of Icons.

On Saturday, is a time for visitors to discover the gold belt of Yaroslavl-one of the oldest cities of Russia, located at the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl rivers River. The city has been Duke Yaroslav found and built in 1010.

To Uglich-lovely city situated on the banks of the Volga River and is one of the lovely old city, guests visiting some local houses and the Church of St. Demetrios Church in Uglich, featuring Red Wall architecture blue domes look like sails towards the North on the Volga.

The end of the journey, for two days in Moscow, visitors will discover the iconic buildings not only in the Russian capital, such as red square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral with typical architecture of orthodoxy; the Kremlin-the most ancient Palace in the heart of the city is located in the Moscow, Russia’s most powerful Agency.

Church square inside the Kremlin with a series of original medieval architecture of the Church, from the time of Ivan the great Bell Tower is also the destination of the journey exploring the country.

Between these operations is the time traveler to enjoy the many facilities on yacht Ms Repin. Join the joint activities on board, you’ll find time here seemed to be drift away faster with many attractive activities such as watching movies, listening to music, the dance program and the same Captain cocktail party, enjoy the Russian folk music or learn to draw Matrioska dolls.

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