How early detection of testicular cancer to complete cure?

By | July 16, 2017

Men should have routine screening for early detection of testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer is rare, accounting for about 1% of cancers in men. However this type of cancer has the highest incidence in men ages 25-35.

The main cause of the disease are those with hidden testicles. 80-85% of people suffering from cancer have hidden testicles and 15-20% occur in the testes for parties. Other factors causing the disease is a history of mumps, testicular membrane effusion, inguinal hernia

This is potentially cancer cure is very high, the survival rate at all stages is 92%, private stages spread to 70% likely to cure khỏị.

For early detection of diseases, males are free to visit.


– Stand in the mirror and see the swelling in the testicles do not.

– Check the testicle with both hands, your fingers between the bottom and the thumb on the testicles.

– Gentle on either side, don’t be too worried if the testicles are two sides equally because that is normal.

– Check the epididymis testicle, here is a soft tube located behind the testicles have a duty to contain sperm.

– The most common location of testicular tumor is the two sides, can also in front.

– Can check at any time feel convenient, simple check after every bath.

If detect anything unusual then should go to clinics for cancer early detection screening, avoid to the disease too late. This is the cancer curable in early stages.

If there are tumors or other abnormalities, doctors prescribe the tests to exclude cancer. In addition testicular ultrasound, abdominal computer tomography for the detection of metastatic lesions.

For hidden testes, doctors recommend surgical removal to prevent progression to cancer.


– Patients often see increased the size of the scrotum, can pull rope or glass co. are feeling heavy scrotum.

– Palpable testes tumors, no pain.

– Abdominal pain for those cases have hidden testicles.

– Swollen inguinal lymph nodes, neck region of extraordinary …

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