How to create a smart, dynamic lifestyle

By | July 17, 2017

Healthy breakfast, get enough sleep, meditation … the good habits not only helps you stay healthy but also enhance intelligence.

Healthy breakfast

If you wake up in the morning and try to start your car with full fuel, then it works? Similarly, after 8 to 10 hours of rest throughout the night, our bodies need to be energized in the morning. Studies have proven that people who eat full fast position than those who skip breakfast.


When you start the car after a long time of inactivity, the car sound for a while. All machines all need to be heated and launch and our bodies too. If you don’t exercise, the amount of blood circulation to the brain will not sufficiently abundant.

Get enough sleep

The lifestyle helps strengthen intelligence including the enough sleep 8 hours per day. Our brains need a break; and the body, too. Insomnia, even reduced the memory. So, don’t ever treat your sleep.

Sweet restraint

If you think that the way to help the more incisive mind, you were wrong. The road will cause blood sugar levels and increase energy. And then it will drop to low within a few hours. Thus, select black cocoa sugar substitute to help maintain brain power.

Read the book

Reading is fundamental to learning activities and there is no end point for this activity in the life of mankind.Please read the book because the internet is not a substitute for knowledge. Reading also improves the ability to concentrate and it is considered as an exercise for the brain.

Protect heart health

Only when my heart really healthy, it can pump enough blood to the brain. Thus, let’s get away from the fast-food category has no use other than to give you these fats can cause blockage of the arteries.

Solving the puzzle

Like other muscles of the body, the brain also needs some fitness exercises. If you don’t use your brain it will become lazy and yourself you will become stagnant. So, try words puzzle game, Sudoku and other intellectual games. They will help your brain always works.


To recharge for the brain cells more efficient what a holiday in complete relaxation. Fatigue can affect our brain cells. Thus, each person should spend time for the vacation to enhance intelligence of ourselves.

Sitting meditation

You can hardly understand her brain had to hard-working out why each day. That’s the reason why sometimes you feel out of control of your brain float. Meditation will help you calm the mind and mental capacity-oriented the way you want.

Comes with music

The fact that Mozart music helped increase the ability of our space. Also when you play a musical instrument, then your IQ will increase by 7 points. The music has a profound influence over the brain and the exercise will help you more and more intelligent.

Choose foods rich in antioxidant

Antioxidant is the best food for the brain. The simple reason is that they help protect brain cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. So, let’s strengthen the berries, green vegetables, and olive oil on your menu.

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