It’s time to stop using the antivirus software

By | July 20, 2017

The web browser developer that has come at the user quit the antivirus software.

Robert O’Callahan, former employee development Firefox (in Mozilla) says that the anti-virus software and the companies that supply them as “terrible”. He recommend to uninstall the installed anti-virus software immediately, unless you are using Windows Defender by Microsoft.

A few months ago, Justin Schuh, Director of Google Chrome’s security said antivirus software is “the biggest obstacle to provide a browser safe”. This middle-aged man believes that the nature of the virus can also be caused by a fault line of TLS (transport layer security), it in turn damage the elements of the HTTPS/HSTS.
These are just two of many instances of the browser makers feel uncomfortable with anti-virus software. In 2012, Nicholas Nethercote, an employee of Mozilla working on Firefox’s MemShrink project said: “McAfee killing us”. Nicholas Nethercote trying to reduce Firefox’s memory and noticed that the add-on as McAfee was one of the causes most memory consuming.

Under the perspective of browser makers, anti-virus software is an essential element of “invasion”. Antivirus, in efforts to “catch” viruses before they can infect your system are forced to combine with the other software, word processing processes or even the nuclear elements of the operating system. O’Callahan mentioned an example: “first we sure ASLR (Address space layout randomization: a security technology to protect your computer before the buffer overflow attacks) has been working for Firefox on Windows, many AV vendors have broken this technology by adding the dll file” “make faulty ASLR”.

According to the developers, browser before the hackers are time consuming to find a flaw on your browser and attacks. Currently, the AV jobs hacker, this becomes a lot easier. This will not be the problem if the AV manufacturers making their software secure (but most of them do not do so except Windows Defender by Microsoft).
In June last year, the project Project Zero of Google has found 25 vulnerabilities in severity in high security product from Symantec/Norton. Tavis Ormandy, a member of the Project Zero said: “we do not require any user interaction. (AV) affect the default configuration and the software runs at very high resource consumption. In certain cases on Windows, the vulnerable code from AV even be loaded into the kernel, leading to constitute the main memory “. In the past 5 years, Ormandy has found similar vulnerabilities in security software Kaspersky, McAfee, Eset, Comodo, Trend Micro …

All this does not mean you should not be using anti-virus software but you must be aware that the use of the AV not sure makes your computer more secure. In some cases, AV can make your computer less secure, affect the performance of the system and may render the browser error privacy seriously.

Antivirus software has almost become a concept ingrained into our subconscious Windows users and it is often equated with the “good security”. When a particular application crashes then it’s my fault, it’s not related to AV. However, many experts recommend that if decide to use AV, you must regularly update the operating system and the software to the computer always safe. Besides, let’s bravely quit the version of Windows 7, Windows 8 are old to upgrade to Windows 10 capable of better security.

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