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By | August 31, 2017

Grasp the active learning method, you not only acquire knowledge easy subjects that also knows how to present his test scientifically.

How to have effective methods of learning and science is always a difficult issue for many students, especially at the time of the exam. Grasp the positive approach to learning, students not only acquire knowledge easy subjects that also knows how to present his test scientifically and efficiently.

There is attitude, clear learning engine:

This is the most important factor to impact the learning process of the students. You will not able to get the best results as if there was a proper learning attitude. The majority of the educational psychologist for that: learning attitude, in which the engine is the deciding factor. The study should determine for themselves the proper engine by itself answer the question: “what to do? For who?Learn how? “

Identify effective learning methods:

After determining the right engine and right learning attitude, positive; We need to determine the method of learning and science performance. First of all, we need to determine the method of thinking. In each lesson, we always meet these conflicting situations, there are problems.
With these situations, requiring learners to use thinking skills in order to solve thoroughly and thoroughly. For example, with a problem, we can use thinking skills combined with knowledge to give many different solutions but still give me a solution or in a van, we can open the post by many different ways (open tutorials or indirectly) but ultimately still have to ensure the necessary of the open items.

Therefore, the method will stimulate thinking ability to mobilize students ‘ knowledge on lessons, from there, to help students understand engraved items longer.

With each student, memorizing knowledge of lessons such as: definitions, formulas, theorems, laws or these events, historical timelines; the biography of a writer, poet … usually very difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, methods to keep in mind is very important and necessary. Can perform the following steps:

Step 1:  present knowledge in the form of outlining. First you read back the entire lesson from 2 to 3 times. Then, you summarize the content that lesson into 1 outline. Can set the item to easily remember like: I, II, III; 1, 2, 3 or smaller by a, b, c … corresponding to each item is a content.

Step 2:  read forgive (remember silently). This is the way to remember the lesson of knowledge by reading the post new Symphony Orchestra in Italy forgive establishment. In the process, it would forget you stop, flip the outlines out of view, underline and forgive back reading. So until the end of turn.

Step 3:  burn the paper. Besides reading, we can forgive combined with measures that knowledge out of paper records. This way all the more effective, especially with the natural subjects. When recording, you just summarized the important part, removed the cumbersome part, not necessary.

Step 4:  consolidate lessons. The consolidation of the seemingly unnecessary lesson but it is very important for the learner. We can strengthen in many ways as set out the questions on the basis of the content of lessons to answer. In addition, we can do some more exercises with the level from easy to difficult to consolidate knowledge and manipulate when doing exercises, in conjunction with the contact to compare new post knowledge learned with lessons learned to have overview for, to avoid confusion and flawed.

Simplify knowledge lessons by thinking maps. Draw a map of thinking is also a method used is quite common nowadays, the effectiveness of this learning style is very high, especially with the social sciences. With this method, the learner based on ability, his creative imagination, in order to establish the relationship as well as the correlation of units of knowledge lesson to demonstrate the relationship as group , the object; contact the significance, effects, features, applications, and. In this process, we have to note that the relationship between the knowledge together to avoid overlap and confusion.


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