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By | July 20, 2017

Live stream brings the average income per hour than play online games, tv or music online.

Everywhere in the world of the Internet, you can easily catch the live broadcasts with the protagonist in all ages, occupation, gender. They are singing, dancing, acting, playing games, eating, drinking … and sometimes do a lot of things, “madness”. They are the streamer.

Appear only on the net a few hours per day but many of these are very famous. Streamer’s main income comes from fans. Loyal fans track them day by day with the only desire is to be seen and heard his idol speak. Of course, behind the success and popularity of the streamer profession is both a system of dozens of large and small broadcast channel. The scale of its personnel have up to a hundred thousand people.
According to analyst Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins, in a report on Internet trends in 2017 announced recently, live stream is the field brings in revenue by hour, the largest in China. They bring in on average 0.6 USD per hour, many times the revenue from online gaming, TV, video or music online.

Although the numbers on just the estimate, it is also somewhat pointed out the strong development of this new industry, as well as the many people who are willing to switch to view the content online for entertainment instead of the normal forms. The streamer earn money from virtual gifts are gifts from viewers, then converted to cash according to the certain proportion from the system. However, this rate is not high, and in fact, much of the revenue to the online channel management unit.
Part causes the channel live stream are performing well in China is due to the application of the payment over the phone as WeChat and very popular Alipay. Viewers can easily send gifts, flowers, Teddy bears … for his streamer at any time, whether at home, in cafes or on the train. In just a moment of excitement, not few people willing to put money out for donation the strange streamer for making them fun.

However, although every hour live stream brings high income, overall, the online games sector is still giving the highest annual revenue with attractive profit rate level. This is true not only in China but the whole world, by live stream only appear and develop few years while online game had the solid foundation and long-term, including the game on PC and smartphone.

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