The best diet for brain health and dementia prevention

By | July 20, 2017

A new study announced by Sweden shows that the diet of the Norse Vikings really great benefit for the nervous system.

The diet of the Norse Viking is characterized by very rich fruits, green leafy vegetables, fish, and many additional chicken.

Benefits of the Viking diet:

Apply the traditional diet of the people of Northern Europe, you will enjoy the many different types of fish, leafy vegetables, fruit, rice and chicken. They avoid eating too much of these tubers such as potatoes, refined cereals and butter, sugar. Drinks include tea, water and fruit juice restriction. In addition, this diet also how much a moderate consumption of alcohol.

The study by the Institute of Karrolinska in Sweden conducted with the participation of the 2,224 people. The purpose is to find out whether diet influences how the brain’s performance. The results, apply good or comparatively good Viking diet linked to lower risk of deterioration of memory and thinking skills.

Other options: The Mediterranean diet

A study by the University of California (San Francisco) also discovered that among healthy adults age 5,907, who applied the modern diet Center perform cognitive tests better than 35% compared with those who ate under different diets. Mediterranean diet mainly consists of many types of vegetables, olive oil, less meat and dairy products. Several previous studies have also stressed, the Mediterranean diet good for general health.

Both studies were introduced at the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference in London. The third study, by the University of Columbia (New York) in progress, giving evidence of a poor diet, lack of healthy is related to brain size smaller and expressing less go in the cognitive tests.

The effect of small changes:

Dr. Maria Carrillo of the Alzheimer’s Association, said the research shows, even small changes in diet also bring great benefits. “Even the most modest change underlying positive effects as well. Eating healthy helps us prevent dementia by all those antioxidants help to clean the brain and given to the brain mechanisms that help themselves “.

Dr. David Reynolds, head of science at the Alzheimer’s disease research organization in Britain, expressed: “The study observed innovative as the two above studies would be useful in emphasizing those elements related to the aging in a healthy way. But they also failed to answer correctly if there was any specific diet to prevent dementia or not.

Efforts to reduce the risk of dementia at present focused on exploring ways to assist middle-aged people adopt healthier diets by it can be effective ways to reduce the number of people suffering from dementia in the later stages of his life “.

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