The chemotherapy can be counterproductive fight cancer

By | July 16, 2017

The study of the American scientists shows that chemotherapy can cause cancer spread and aggravating.

Chemotherapy method which is used to destroy cancer cells and prevent tumor development. However, recently, a group of American scientists pointed out chemotherapy can stimulate the cancer spread throughout the body causing a patient’s condition worse.
According to Indepedent, the Group of scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (u.s.) have examined the effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer patients and detect chemotherapy only did shrink tumors in short time. In addition, it promotes tumor moves to another position at the same time stimulating system “fix” meant the cancer come back stronger.

In 20 patients participated in the study, the number of blood vessels allowing the cancer spread through the body much more than before. Experiments on mice also demonstrated the increase of the amount of cancer cells in the blood.

Dr. George Karagiannis, head of the study confirmed the results on not to call cancer patients avoid chemotherapy that desire suggests adjusting the process of healing. In particular, undergone chemotherapy before surgery, your doctor may take a small amount of tissue from the tumor for analysis. If you see any unusual signs, the patient should stop chemotherapy to surgery and then back to chemotherapy.

Forthcoming, Dr. Karagiannis along Associates continued to study the impact of chemotherapy on a cancer.

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