The differences between American and British University style

By | July 17, 2017

American students can wear sport shorts, flip-flops to go to school while you You an elegant outfit. The subjects in the U.S. often have more short tests while in England the title essay is popular

In the second year of University in the UK, I had an opportunity to go to America to study one semester Exchange in Sacramento, capital of California. After a time the Agency familiar with life in the United States, I noticed quite a lot of interesting differences between the style of the American and British students, as well as education at the two universities in the country.

– School outfit: In California, students go to school dressed pretty casual, can with sportswear, often go flip-flops or sneakers to school. Meanwhile, British students spruce. Almost never has a pair of flip-flops that appear in the University Lecture Hall, can in part because of the cold weather. The American students or more backpacks, also in the UK, bags for ladies and men wear a cross back pocket is a popular fashion to school of students.

– Medium school: Sacramento is a city of California’s students should be very broad or go to school by car. You’re still often very stressful finding a parking on campus because there are too many cars. In addition, American students, especially female, very or campus travel by skateboard. In the UK almost without skis and students usually go to school by bus because the bus routes in the fog is very convenient. The American people less than the bus system because public transportation is not good as in Europe.

– Textbooks: in America almost subjects would also require the purchase of textbooks and this is very expensive-priced stuff, even if you only hire about learning. Renaissance arts books cost about us $70 (more than 1.5 million) if hired a semester and 120 USD (2.6 million) if purchased. My University in England are not required to purchase textbooks, course materials, each of which played a session or uploaded to the network.

– Exercises: subjects in the US have many articles check out clams and small exercises downloads than in England. The students will have to write out the paper and submit grab points. While in England, students only need to comment directly on the class. When studying in America I have to do my homework every week (about 150 words), about 3-4 week has a test, there is also the essay and final examinations. University in the UK, use much longer essay. A semester usually have two essays, each long post from 1500 and a written test, the final 2.

– Outline of review: sometimes in America, students will be issued the outline and the first question in the test. At the British University, the question is revealed, students can only refer to the theme of the previous year.

– Review of the Faculty: in America essays are printed out and filed while in the UK typically filed through Turnitin-a network dedicated to the submitted assignments. American trainers or written comment by pencil trainers He then typed and uploaded to the network. Especially those of Us trainers are quite friendly, open minded, and the style of the English faculty, then more seriously.

– Bonus points: trainers of America provides many opportunities for students to get bonus points. For example in modern arts, when went to see the exhibition related to the subject and then write a paragraph, students feel are 5-15. When studying in the UK, I have not seen this bonus.

– Learning tools: the pencil or use American student kim, British students used wooden pencils. In the stationery store in the US, there are many choices for a pencil, the pencil, the wood is also less common.

– Gifts and mascot: the school in the USA very free gift or for students, especially the gifts related to the mascot of the school such as: mugs, backpacks and souvenirs. The school in the UK then no mascots and no more gifts.

– Outdoors: American University has many outdoor activities in the campus over the University in the UK. Maybe because in California, the weather is temperate, sunny lot so students would love to spend time sitting under trees or on the lawn. In the UK, except when sunlight, student or sit reading in a relaxed cafĂ© or in the school library.

Not any school in America or in Britain just what I described above. This is only my own experience and I personally believe that the British or American University model has a separate attraction and adaptable.

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