The games has music helped you to relax the best

By | July 20, 2017

The best thing is to just play the game, just soak up the tunes fun music to relax and make the upcoming holiday season.

School Idol Festival

Is a musical game of Japanese Anime style on mobile was designed by KLabGames and by the Bushiroad released. This game has appeared on both Android and iOS platform, attracting millions of downloads, help gamers can experience the game better.
Come to Love Live! School Idol Festival, gamers need character cards collectibles, gather them together and form a band. The player’s mission is to organize, attend concerts, dance to the music of the songs with different rhythms. Character cards are divided into several levels, namely from 1 to 8, and three colors: red, blue, green.
Although the game just developed on the 2D graphics, not fussy, sharp as many other titles in the same genre but still created special attractions for gamers. Return to the music world with the School Idol Festival, players will be steeped in the playful songs in the morning along the beautiful anime characters image intimacy.


Is a music game similar to Elite Beat Agent known previously, but build the storyline differences and variations a bit about how to play, the game still create should be a style for myself. So far, the Cytus have also achieved certain successes. The gameplay is quite simple but not lose the attractive part, the music in the game was to build feature-sharp picture and not color. Three from too great is what we can describe about Cytus.


Rayark has returned to the arena music and rhythm game by game VOEZ. The airline this game which is the father of the games in the series of familiar music, was viewed as the spiritual food of the gamers long as Deemo or Cytus. VOEZ promises to bring to the moment of relax, indulge the music full of new and interesting.


Dynamix is a family music game hordes of graphic-designed futuristic colors, the gameplay, the repository of electronic music, effects-vivid images with high aesthetic. When the game starts, we’ll have some songs to conquer. Later, when you’ve crossed the Rank then you will be able to unlock more songs and playing more and more, the early days of gaming, the producers focused on the songs easy to workmanship we higher.


The game’s title comes from the main character of it. Deemo’s occult characters lonely living in a castle, only it. A little girl falling from the sky. She didn’t know who he was and came from and there is little about his memories. And a special thing, she loved the flock of Deemo. In the Castle alone only 2 who do you together, the piano and Sung every day.


This is the only music game of QUATRAX computer manufacturer until the present. Zyon will quite fascinated us by anime themes in the game, how the game will simply tap the position on the screen. When loading the game, players will have 30 free songs, 3 difficulty level and have both competed Online if we want to compete with players around the world.

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