The key to learning a foreign language quickly

By | July 20, 2017

Confident, not afraid to say wrong, join many activities by his language is learning a few tips to help you quickly grasp the basic communication skills and progressing to mastering a new language.
You want to do a job yourself dreaming in a foreign country, but there’s a problem: you need foreign language skills but do not have much time. This may seem like a mission impossible, but according to experts the language, you can learn basic communication skills in just a few weeks, and to use the new language only mature in a few months.

Though unable to quickly reach the level enough to read foreign literature, you can improve your vocabulary and grammar with suitable work environment, whether it’s diplomatic sector or stock.


Sometimes the job requires travel abroad much cause you have to find a way to communicate in multiple languages. Benny Lewis engineers learn 7 languages, including Spanish, French, German and even Chinese, to serve for the job. Lewis took over a year to learn the first foreign language, Spanish, but less time consuming to learn these languages, including Chinese basic communication.

The secret of Lewis was when he began to imagine the situation often encountered in daily life, and think of ways to respond to basic questions from strangers. After a time, Lewis can even compile the specialized technical documents.

The book lists the regular dialogue and on-line courses can help the early stage. These documents give you the vocabulary and confidence needed to communicate with the natives. This is a very important initial step in learning a foreign language, experts said.

“In the early stages, the biggest barrier is the lack of confidence,” Lewis said. “After I practice saying much, that gradually improve.”

Indeed, sometimes just to have enough confidence to communicate also caused you significant progress. “Many people don’t progress because they don’t dare to open your mouth,” said Michael Geisler, Vice President of the school of foreign languages at the University of Middlebury in Vermont, U.s.a., said. “If not dare say then you will slowly progress.”

What this means is not afraid to take risks and not be afraid to say wrong. When starting to learn Spanish, Lewis talked as if just from the forest. But two weeks later, he had the pleasure first. “My brush is damaged and I can buy new ones at the supermarket,” he said. “Though where to go, you will also meet the patient”.

Immerse yourself in the language environment

Geisler believe that totally immerse yourself in foreign language environment is the decisive factor to learning Spanish fast. As the foreign language such as reading, listening to the radio or communication, you will progress faster.

Middlebury College students are asked to participate in all activities, from sports to theater, by the foreign language they are learning. Middlebury College also has courses in 10 different languages, including French, German, Chinese and Hebrew.

This initiative was also Diplomatic Academy in Washington to encourage implementation. This is where foreign languages training for many American diplomats. The Academy has more than 70 foreign languages teaching experience with the course lasts a maximum of 44 weeks, intended to help students achieve “Level 3”, i.e. to be able to read the document as Time magazine or intensive discussion.

However, according to the experts, you need only take a few weeks to be able to communicate, especially when it had the chance to chat often. James North, at the Diplomatic Academy of the USA, said the school encourages the students to communicate with native speakers.

“You need to invest not just grey which both my heart anymore,” he said. You can volunteer or immerse yourself in the local community in the restaurant or public place.

In large cities often have these language groups met several times a week to practice. There are also websites that allow learners to communicate with each other. Lewis page suggestions, help students talk with native people or teachers or is and

Regular contact with the specialist language or native help you people help check and correction of mistakes. “Training will bring success,” North said. “But that’s not the only tutoring help you success in moderation”, need to be monitored to verify that you are in the right direction “.

The previous wording, grammar after

You need to ask for comment from his people to chat together, and let them know that you are not afraid of being just error vocabulary as well as grammar, although the experts that you need not worry about grammar in the early stages. Use the previous language, the grammar for later, Lewis said.

When you’re ready to learn grammar, Lewis suggests using sites like or Here is the very useful page to improve grammar and language analysis. “By then, you will know more context. You will understand the rules and why they say so, “he said.

While learning, you need to keep track of information from the foreign media as much as possible. Initially, you can read the book or see the film are familiar in a foreign language. If you set out specific goals, such as the ability to communicate with partners or language used in the workplace, then this will be what motivates you to learn how to communicate smoothly.

However, don’t be too ambitious. If you set goals that you will become proficient in a language in just two months, the more likely you will be disappointed. Also if you just want to reach sufficient levels to communicate fluently, especially at work, then that will be the target near at hand.

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