The methods of teaching the children without beating

By | July 21, 2017

It is important to teach your child how to for entertainment like and to develop your child’s communication skills, not always getting the do this and not the other. Here, talking to you is the key.

Here are some tips that parents take out to Jo Frost should refer to help children listen, electroshocks:

Please make a mirror for your young child

Children always learn as parents, form comments from parents, so if you saw the kindness, respect and tenderness of her parents in the House, you will experience the “osmosis” qualities.
Patience waiting out the problem

Always wanted to learn to explore the world outside, so sometimes, I will accidentally do things you don’t like, or are not safe now from that learned the difference between right and wrong. Parents should accept that a few times stumble will be stronger.

Understand your child’s personality

No two kids would be the same at all, so you all need to just teach or discipline matching with different personality of each child. For example, a child active, stubborn will certainly need a different way of teaching a child with shy, passive.
Think detailed reasons behind the stubborn action of the chỉldren

Such as when the jump ever get behind on the couch, is due to kid that wants to unleash the energy or is actually caused by the mother is on the phone so the bored students and taking back the attention of parents.

Find out the ends to the roots of the problem

There are family recently you’ve just had a big change? You just have children or you’ve just moved to a new place? These changes can affect the child’s behavior. If you recognize this as soon, will more easily in helping children overcome this difficult period.
Help your child know emotional expression

His mother be the pioneer to promote and encourage the communication between all the members of the family from which, I learn to express and share out thoughts in my heart. This is very useful, especially if your child is entering a new age, the age of great always “bottling” his emotions back, buried close in heart. Allow the angry sometime regarded as relieving the tension eased in the well is a way to do the right thing, than to the “News Bureau” for bulging in the child to one day again caused regrettable consequences.

Encourage and challenge

If the baby very hate wearing shoes, say: “mother fish is you can’t bring this pair of shoes is faster than two minutes”. Similarly, if your not good brushing, let’s challenge the same kid playing “the race clean teeth” and who wins (of course the kid then) will be a cute coat of paste onto the broken cabinets.

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