The parks strange and scary in the world

By | July 21, 2017

The Park is home to popular entertainment for everyone with artificial and natural landscape, clean airy freshness. However, the world has a number of parks was designed not to resemble the normal Park or go for a walk or exercise.

Daring design ideas have contributed to creating the Park the “unique” in the world. At the same time, this segment also parks visitors to attractions, picnic.

Haw Par Villa horror Park – Singapore
The Park “terrifying” has about 150 statues in peculiar shapes, a variety of the color simulation according to the characters of Chinese mythology. Of course, this is a fun place to play is not for the faint-hearted.

The Park “penis” – South Korea
Haeshindang Park also known as “the Park”, is the showpiece of the giant penis models extremely unique located south of Samcheok, Gangwon Province, South Korea.

This Park’s birth originates from a legend gradually multiplied the oral tradition in this region. Legend has it that, there is a year-round fisherman working very hard, he has abandoned his Virgin girlfriend on a rock to the sea for fishing. However, a terrible storm was brewing and swept away the young girl.

After her death, no one in the village caught a fish so they had to build a lot of giant penis models in around the area for missing girl to try pleasing her virgins.

Currently the Park is exhibiting dozens of giant penis models as well as symbols of sexual life together with the culture and history of the fishing village.

Napoleonland Park – France
Napoleonland Park is the nickname that media attached to the Park by the Bivouac Napoleon’s politicians proposed in 2012. The main theme of this park revolves around the life and career of Napoleon Bonaparte, the illustrious generals, as well as an emperor of France.

This is the park for those who love history, especially those who idolized this famous French kings.

Sanrio parks Park – Japan
Sanrio Harmonyland Park Park in Orita, Japan took the famous cartoon character Hello Kitty is the main icon. Appear in this park is the countless pictures of Hello Kitty cute pink color and the game also revolves around the character.

So, this is the ideal fun place for families with young’s favorite cartoon character Hello Kitty as well as for young people like taking pictures with this cute background.

Haw Par Park – Singapore
Add a park special design in Singapore is located along Pasir Panjang. The Park has more than 1500 statues and 150 giant Tableau replayed the scene in mythology, legends of China or the statues related to Confucianism.

Obviously, this is exactly the type of parks for people who love the culture, the history. Above all, this is where the fun filled learning for students, students in need of increased knowledge about religion, history, literature.

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