These game titles have become legend

By | July 16, 2017

There are too many titles to I can tell out here, things that constitute a part of many great memories. The following series consists of several sections, I can’t know for sure never end new but also very rewarding to you reference and readers … Love from the beginning. The list will not be placed under any rule to increase the portion of surprise and suspense.

Metal Slug

Metal Slug, or also known as the Dwarf in Vietnam, Rambo was among those burned titles most gamers money when sitting in electronic goods. The chain on the saving of 500 VND -1000 for several hours outside the Consulate would Dwarf Rambo shot deep into the mind of not a few gamers Free generation 8 x-9 x.

With simple gameplay, comedic animation, bullshit, Metal Slug was best discussed cabin heart does not know how many gamers, and whether was released from nearly two decades ago, the Metal Slug is attractive to the strange term for the community of gamers “that age”. The character like the guy Marco, or his tools Kame fired Attorney General rumbling sure will never fade in the minds of those gamers nostalgic.

Super Mario Bros

Appearing first in 1981 in the game Donkey Kong, Guy’s our plumber has quickly captured the feelings of not a few gamers. Not long after that, the Mario Bros., and Italian guy with Shaggy beards of us suddenly emerges as the alcoholic, and dozens of different versions of the game serial introduction until the present day. But surely no matter how much play over the version the gamers still can’t forget was the first guy to go “control pedal, kick the turtle”, pass how much difficult to rescue the Princess but then again getting the answer “no” here full of nervousness.


A mode from this half-life titles were probably better than the original product. After each school stress (or is it also hid the stress no less), each top you brunch out in net to so low FPS must have become the gaming culture of not a few old generation gamers. On the walls of the map Italy, Dust or Death Match not know imprinted don’t know how many rounds of gamers. Gamers, gamers swear at and laugh at all the same thing, this was no longer the strange story every time the net appeared a group you shoot Háp Lai.

Age of Empires

If you have ever sat night Empire coach to find the way up life within the next minute and 5-10 to class a breeze with friends about his achievements, that means you are already old. The gamers Age of Empires (Roman Empire) make early can not forget the fight, the elephant, gold scroll, save only the internal transmission, bold tactics substrates … code and the fictional pow, bigdaddy, … be added whenever a party wants to break the game. The Empire became a monument can hardly break in the safelists strategy has been launched in Vietnam.

The Sims

First launched in 2000, The Sims has quickly captured the feelings of not a few gamers around the world, not just what’s own Vietnam. The main innovative gameplay and realistic simulation of a real Pearl led the way for The Sims up as kite met the wind. Throughout the 14 years of the launch, The Sims has to be 4 main versions and range expansion comes.

Each of the new products are launched all get the support of the majority of gamers. But the current series has really been EA deaths since this year when the airline declared defunct studio Maxim, the father of the game The Sims.

Fighting Force

If only mentions the name Fighting Force, then surely the free gamers will not understand this is their game, but if the Royal Police to not really will have no less who will miss out on. Since P.s.1 is still prevalent, the Royal Police is devastating game rooms for second with Rambo. However, restricted by time graphics technology but Royal Police still regularly “purse hook” of 8 x-9 x for the “gamers at the time. At present, the game also has a simulator for gamers would excitedly and want to revise the old anniversary.

Crash Bandicoot

This game is also known as the Devious Fox when launched in Vietnam, and it is also a product came from Naughty Dog. Crash Bandicoot was once sold 40 million copies worldwide. The plot of the game is also very simple just a Fox goes to eat the Apple and hit the boss but it was not known how many trance gamer 15 years ago. Can say that this is one of the best game time on the PS1.

Resident Evil

Don’t know how, but you called me personally, this game is also known as “alpha team”, but even it is irrelevant to the original title. Was developed and released by Capcom in 1996, this game still live well until now. Described game world rife with zombies, source of them arise from Umbrella company-1 biological research organization and in an incident outside the desirable, they’re virus research laboratory escape and cause for humanity.


The country of Japan from ancient to the present always carries 1 seem mysterious to the square, is the game set to grow for its title, The Creative Assembly’s exception when the creation of Total War: Shogun 2 after 10 years of absence on RTS market.
Shogun 2 content revolving around the history of Japan in the 16th century the warring, after the Ōnin War ends. The country is divided into many Territories under the rule of the local sects clan. The player will have to choose one of the above clan, with the goal to destroy the other factions, and the destination is Japan.

Warcraft III

Is one of the many games already too familiar and attached to triệugame row’s childhood. Warcraft III to this day still is 1 immortal monument, no small role in the formation and development of the game world, typical for subjects Esport legend, DotA, bring about not a few awards and honors for Bllizzard Entertaiment.

There are 4 races in the game are: Humans, Orcs, Night Elves, Undead with many different strengths. The single-player campaign similar to Starcraft when repeating the tissue type of humans and monsters also multiplayer mode via LAN and Internet help gamers to connect with other players around the world. Reincarnation as the leader of each race, the player must tap the different resources to develop the military go attack those races on the map.


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