These money saving tips from your kitchen

By | July 21, 2017

Choose a life of “savings” and turn it into a habit is a good thing that you should do and the kitchen is a suitable place to start.

The planting of a kitchen garden

Kitchen gardens do not need much investment, you can plant enough trees for small families with few planters on the balcony. You can plant tomatoes, garlic, vegetables … in a way to be able to save an area of.

DIY water cleanse

Most of these cleansers are many chemicals and toxic. They not only exist on the clothes we wear, the utensils we use but also discharged sewage, rivers, sea creatures and harm the environment. Then we eat things that live in the water pollution.
We can do the rust saving both clean. The formula make this natural detergent you can search on the internet.

Replace the paper feed with wiper

A towel dipped in vinegar, lemon juice will very effective hygiene for the stove and maintain lasting effects than with paper feed. In addition, the cloth is also friendly to the environment and can be used many times.

Buy of vegetable growers

Buy vegetables from these growers can reduce up to 50% of the money and the product also mediation items newer than fresh. But it can take time to go to the where to buy but if the remedy is then this indeed is a job worth doing.

Use to the freezer

You can buy a separate freezer or fridge has frozen pane to. This allows you to travel less and market for frozen food compartment on not used to not throw them away.

Bulk buy

Buy one bottle of shampoo water to ever cheaper than a small bottle. However, this may not apply to all items. You only buy large amounts of the stuff used often as rice, cooking oil …

Save Riess

Please use the glass jar, plastic jar to reduce waste because you don’t throw them into the environment. These tanks can wash and use repeatedly to contain the appropriate products.

Reuse of superfluous vegetables

You can use the excess vegetables to eat the next day, the left could bring biodegradable detergent-making or planting new … Avoid cooking too much to admit the food, try to cook just enough to use.

At least eat out

People who cook at home will save a lot. Please equip yourself with the cooking skills to be self serving.

Shops network

Buy the network helps you focus on the products to buy without being lan man to other products. You should seek the relatives receive map when rows are sent to to not take too much time for this. In addition, you should also note the discount and up the list of things to buy before shopping.

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