Top 5 tips to save money on mobile phone monthly

By | July 16, 2017

With many people, rates of mobile phone use accounted for a small part in the monthly spend and account can completely save.

If you’re disturbed about how to save more from monthly income, you should probably start with the cash cost of his mobile phone.

According to the representative, there are many ways to reduce the cost of using mobile phones, especially with the subscription call, messaging and more.

     1. Use of promotional package call, messaging
The operators in Vietnam are the promotional packages and internal messaging network, very suitable for those who are regularly in contact with the subscriber numbers of the same home network. The flat has a cheaper call rate times the 5-10 folding and default messaging.

Users should use the needs analysis to choose for themselves the promotional packages call and Messaging. The operators often have specialist packages to call, message or to meet both needs.

     2. 3G, 4G packet
If often must pay most of the cost of 3G, 4G for popular services like Facebook, Youtube, users should switch to using the data package specialized for this service.

The existing network has 3G, 4G packages for Youtube and Facebook, often include unlimited access to this service or two available access so much that users can hardly be used.

Representatives for the networks or the use of 3G, 4G package for separate services will avoid being charged capacity on 3G, 4G plans collectively as well as give users high-speed capacity is abundant to comfortably use services.

     3. Use the service Over the top (OTT)
Instead of calling, messaging phone, the user can switch to use the call and messaging services via the Internet (OTT) as Zalo, Messenger or Skype to communicate via wifi and absolutely no cost as calling and texting.

Because the service has optimized the amount of OTT data should use even when you call and messaging through OTT by 3G, 4G, the fees would still cheaper than using phone, however the quality will not be stable due to depends on the quality of internet connection you are using.

     4. Do not call back into strangeness
Many customers use telecom services major turned to see their rates increase the mutation that causes is often called back to top foreign number, strangeness.

From the beginning of the year 2017, many subscribers have received the call from the heads of foreign countries with upcoming subscription content is locked, please contact. Most of the early numbers are area code from African countries such as Congo, Zimbabwe, Somalia, or the island of Nauru in the South Pacific.

The calls are usually made with the amount of time a few seconds and then shuts down. If the customer calls back to the weird phone number and when the call is connected successfully, the listener only hears the sound settings, then their account will immediately be except for the huge amount of money. According to the operators, this form of cheating the international telecommunication charges.

To avoid losing money by falsely calling at the beginning of the scam, users should avoid calling back into the strange, especially the beginning of foreign countries.

     5. Scan the underground deposit services
The regular subscription deducted money “implicitly” monthly for the services that the user does not desire is quite common. More and more customers use the underground service charge rates except for the higher monthly.

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