What are the signs that you are born to belong to the IT industry

By | July 20, 2017

Enjoy exploring your computer, collection of map technology … is the sign that you tend to match the IT industry

IT was a lot of interest from the young due to the relatively high income plus the abundant job opportunities, but you have to know yourself can become fit and an ITer not then see the following, if you have these characteristics, then maybe you have to belong to the IT industry
Interested in exploring the computer: You ready to form 2 h, 3 h only to discover, try repairing the type of computer, laptop and map the technology although not yet know nothing about them.

Enchanted collection and upgrade the map technology: You have preferences upgrade components for computer components such as RAM, video card, mouse, keyboard, hard drive or other portable devices.

Love to watch Tech News: You have routine access to the technology page as Techz, GSM arena, genk, read the latest news about them and feel excited about that.

Like talent: are you ready to help your friends network-related issues, technology such as installing win, instead of completing whatever know or don’t know about them.
Interested in network security news: you are curious, willing to give up a lot of time to learn about the news related to malicious code are raging around the world, network attacks, or the method that hackers use to steal property in the ATM card.

Logical thinking: this is a prerequisite of the network security administrator. You need to have sufficient acumen, judgment ability to solve the problem thoroughly by the method logic. With the issue suddenly stop functioning website, you need to determine where the error occurred, suffered a hacker attack, computer servers, or due to problems of code … Know how zoned, identify and handle the right place in the right place in the fastest time is the need of an IT professional.

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