What is make the Vertu phone to luxury and attractive?

By | July 16, 2017

Vertu is the only phone line is produced associated with the great United States of America, and the most important is being on limited budgets.

Vertu celebrity cell phone brand is a luxury only for the elite. The first Vertu phone is Nokia’s designers produced from the late 90 ‘s as a passion. However, then the airline has sale Vertu for a private group at a price of not publicly.

Vertu’s design is not limited by budgetary concerns. This is the telephone line used the best materials, the most expensive production process design, extremely refined and exclusive.

Genuine Vertu only had a single manufacturing facility in the world is located in the suburb of London, England. Here, the staff will handle all the production craft which do not use the automatic production line system.

The remarkable thing is the principle of the production of Vertu does not change from when launched.

“To become the expensive luxury phone now is a challenge to the Vertu. Because it does not have the change or change only very slowly that remains the core production principle. It is in contrast with the smart phone industry today. The Vertu did not participate in the market competition with other smart phone carriers “. Mr. Jon Stanley, Director of the PR firm’s Vertu said.

The manufacturing process refined craft

Production Division always be kept in clean environment and the entire production staff are required to wear uniforms for anti-static.

Vertu is not produced under the system of automatic lines. Each phone will be assembled by hand by a design houses and bring their imprints highlighted through signature engraving machine. That is why it is this phone line is a very high rating.

Each stage of the production of a phone are always thorough monitoring. When the phone is fully assembled, the experts will carry out a range check to make sure everything works correctly.

Use advanced materials

What materials are used in manufacturing such as sapphire, super hard titanium, gold, diamonds, ceramics around the speakers or animal skin wrap is the factors prompting the Vertu phone become most expensive in the world.

Phone components are custom designed with absolute accuracy, not mass production of components. There are also cases of 15% of the number of components make again be discarded because no response is required.

Exclusive products

The products of Vertu are exclusive items “a” and only a small number of production. Vertu often follow orders should not have store products.

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