What will you do when it received news of cancer?

By | July 16, 2017

You need to ask your doctor about your condition, treatment, never started and how long, the risks and benefits of treatment.

According to the Huffington Post, faced with the diagnosis of cancer is not easy thing to anyone. Cancer Support Association in the United States give some advice when you start fighting journey with cancer.

  1. Ask your doctor about treatment start time and will proceed for how long

The natural instinct of people is usually immediate action. This is sometimes necessary but most should not. When diagnosed, ask your doctor about the start time of the treatment. In most cases, you need to have the time to research more, consult the experts and discussion to choose the right method.

  2. Know the exact diagnosis and stage of disease, recorded in the log book

Put the questions such as:

– The exact name of the cancer I’m stuck?

Cancer-are at any stage?

– What can I learn, made to help the treatment, such as genetic testing, biological indicator

  3. Write the questions and concerns prior to appointment with the doctor

Think about what you want for your health to discuss with your doctor.

  4. Thanks to relatives or friends go to see a doctor to listen, take notes, ask questions, and help you remember the information after appointment

  5. Consider the treatment of choice and purpose to

– There are many treatments available, how do they differ?

– Therapeutic purposes? Whether my cancer can be cured or treatment has other goals?

  6. Ask about the risks and benefits of treatment

– The treatment is proven to be effective in this type of cancer I like?

– The potential side effects of the treatment is and what they prevent, manage?

– The treatment will be done?

– How long will I be treated?

– Will insurance pay?

  7. second opinion source reference

Often people search comments Monday, Tuesday from doctors at a Cancer Center or hospital to learn all the methods, the new advances in medicine.

  8. Learn the proper clinical trials

  9. Take the time to check on insurance

Most people don’t really know your coverage of how good until having to deal with a serious health problem. A financial counselor or social worker can help you know the cost of treatment, medications, supportive care … to financial planning.

  10. find psychological support

People usually cancer detection through numerous State depressed, anxious, scared, confused. These feelings are completely normal. Psychologist, social worker, family, friends, people who are fighting cancer … can help you relieve stress, more power to fight disease.


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