Where to study in Europe free?

By | July 19, 2017

Tuition in many parts of the world are continuing to increase has raised concerns psychology of some STUDENT AFFAIRS. The children that want to study in the power of education and the student life experience memorable as Europe will need to have the budget immensely. This perspective does absolutely right?
The answer is not! Besides the countries with relatively high fees because of the particularity of teaching such as Britain, Switzerland, the European countries also have long purely fee or only a very affordable. At this time many people would probably mistaken about the quality of these countries, this is not worth the bother. Here are all the countries in the top in the world of education but thanks to strong support policy of the Government has allowed the fields still grow strongly with tuition relatively low income. So what are the attractions that is where? Let’s track information right here!

Germany – tuition Free College programs across the country

Germany always points to the study were the students choice and yet there are signs of “rising thermal” while up to this point. The public universities of Germany completely free tuition for international students or administration fee is only about 150-250 Euros per year. This does not affect the quality of education when schools, higher Institute of Germany are in the top study destination for European quality, ensuring the future student career. More than 40 of the top University leads the world in the annual rankings of QS Ranking, just behind the US and Britain. In HSBC’s report on “the value of education,” Germany is one of five countries first appeared in the perception of parents surveyed. Germany owns the multicultural learning environment extremely exciting.

In Germany the majority of courses are taught by the national language, this may cause many students to back down but think this is incredibly big advantages. German popular have extremely strong in Europe when used formally in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Denmark … by more than 120 million people. So the language proficiency will help students to increase the advantage when looking for jobs in Europe.

France – country always in the top of Europe’s low-cost

Study of France at reasonable cost may not be widely known as study in Germany but still attracted numbers of students around the world. The public universities of this country does not collect fees and administrative fee only about 184 Euro/year. For some specialized programs such as health care and technology, then this number can be increased but not significantly. The cost of living here is also relatively affordable when only about 9,600 Euros/year, may be higher if you want to live in Paris. According to NUMBEO, consumer prices and lower their rent in Paris than London to turn is 25% and 69%. This is associated with relentless teaching reputation confirmed helped France to continue strengthen the position on the entire map of the world of education.
Like Germany or Spain, French is the language of instruction in most courses. If you want to have more choices in trades that still enjoy free tuition policy should more French, the language in the top 9 global popularity with more than 200 million users. You can learn in Vietnam or participated in, the Foundation now in France, according to the level of the effect then clearly studying in the native environment still predominate.

The Nordic countries – enjoy life study of high quality with reasonable cost

Always lead the list of the happiest country in the world by the World Economic Forum, CNN or Forbes, Northern Europe not only has beautiful scenery, great quality of life but also owns prestigious education with tuition rates extremely affordable. In Norway, to students of any nationality would, according to the study would also be completely free of tuition. Most of the degree course are taught in Norwegian, and students need to meet the new language requirements are studied. In higher levels such as master’s and PhD programs will be taught in English and tuition exemption policy still applies.

Norway is also the country completely free tuition for international students

Once applied the policy of completely free tuition as Norway but to stronger investment for education, the school of Finland has undertaken since the admission course fee fall 2017. However, the study in Finland is still the overwhelming choice of the students of Vietnam when it announced the scholarship program from 25-100% extremely attractive, apply throughout the course.

For the musical group Westlife fans who then must have witnessed the beauty of the elves of Iceland, the country possesses many attractive education policy. Students attending four universities are exempt from tuition and fees only managed about 400 Euro per year.

Iceland is also part of the top Nordic countries are considering to study

Above are a few basic facts about the country have pretty reasonable tuition of Europe.

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