Why you should eat garlic when hungry?

By | July 20, 2017

Garlic is famous for curing many diseases uses. But use garlic in time to maximize the effect, then not everybody knows.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. If eat garlic before breakfast, would be a ‘ filter ‘ natural and good for the stomach. Garlic help lower blood pressure, treatment for stomach problems, nerve, healing, reduce the cholesterol in the blood, increased resistance, purifies the blood.
Garlic is a drug to cure many diseases. Eat garlic when hungry to maximize the natural antibiotic properties. According to some researchers, the allicin in garlic has strong antibacterial effect helps infections from than fast. Garlic against fungal infections and also provide many uses.

   1. Remove bacteria and toxins in the stomach
Eat garlic before breakfast helps remove bacteria and toxins in the stomach. It is an antibiotic and antioxidant strength, a ‘ filter ‘ natural and good for the stomach.

   2. reduce cholesterol levels
Garlic juice was approved as effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. Garlic has a distinctly effective after short time compared with the lipid lowering drug packaging.

   3. Strengthen cardiovascular health
Garlic reduces the symptoms of high blood pressure because it enhances blood circulation, prevent heart disease and prevent the buildup of plaque cause atherosclerosis.
   4. Cure for stomach problems
Garlic is effective in treating stomach problems-stimulates digestion and help eat more delicious. Treatment of diarrhea and reduce acid production of the stomach due to stress.

   5. A number of other benefits when eating garlic at hungry.
Eat garlic when hungry good for curing the neurological problems.
Eat garlic effective TB treatment.
Strengthens the immune system, increase the body’s defense before the influence of the environment.
Strengthen the function of the liver and bladder. Garlic reduced triglycerides of the liver helps to prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

   6. Garlic lower blood pressure and anti-inflammatory
In traditional medicine, garlic is one of those food popular and effective detoxification.

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